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Testimonial Thank Yous

“Heather has provided me with relief from my chronic and severe migraines — not only from her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, but with the serene and welcoming environment she created at Pagoda Acupuncture.” –Nicole from Centerport

“I was Heather’s very first patient and I’m incredibly happy to be writing this testimonial years later. I initially saw Heather when I sprained the plantar tendon in my right foot and conventional treatments made the situation worse, not better. In 3 treatments the pain in my foot AND back were gone and I became a believer. 2 years later I was in a car accident that resulted in knee and shoulder surgery. The pain relief and pain management that I got from acupuncture far exceeded anything American medicine could have offered. Finally, last year I was injured in a softball tournament and needed major open surgery on my shoulder. Again, I turned to Heather for post operative pain relief and healing. I’m 44, I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past 3 years, I continue to play on 3 competitive softball teams, 2 basketball teams, coach my daughter’s softball team, and run around with my 3 y/o and my puppy. None of that would be possible without Heather’s warm, compassionate treatment. All I can say is, try it, you’ll be amazed at the results.” –Rob from Port Washington

“I wanted to get pregnant and being of advanced maternal age, I was not sure I would be able to. I was seeing Heather for other reasons and she informed me that acupuncture could help a woman’s body prepare for pregnancy!  With a history of a previous pregnancy that ended early due to genetic complications,  I wanted to do every thing possible to make this a successful pregnancy. I saw Heather regularly and 9 months later I was pregnant. I had a routine pregnancy and a healthy baby in April 2008.” –B.A. from Northport

“After a year of expensive modern medical examinations and physical therapy, I resorted to trying acupuncture for a painful condition diagnosed as an “impinged tendon.”. Three treatments later, I was able to once again sleep through the night without being awakened by pain. Encouraged, I asked to have my asthma treated, resulting in being freed of two steroid prescriptions, and have amazingly had none of the usual semiannual chest colds in the past 2 years.  Formerly a skeptic, my husband tried treatment for his migraines, which disappeared with ALL other headaches, after a lifetime of mostly non-effective treatment.  Then he was treated for sinus congestion. He discontinued two more prescriptions! In total, we have discontinued five prescription medications that we had believed we would need for the rest of our lives! Acupuncture works for us and our family members.” – Maria and Larry T., Greenlawn

“After suffering from terrible migraines on a daily basis, I was ready to try a new approach to deal with my pain.  I tried numerous over-the-counter and prescription medicine, finding that not much would help relieve my migraines. I was nauseous, light-sensitive, and could not work once I developed a migraine, sometimes being afflicted 4 times a week!  I decided to try acupuncture, when a friend recommended Pagoda after Heather came to our work health fair.  After about 3 months of treatment, I began to feel the results.  My migraines were almost non-existent, occurring maybe once every few months as compared to several times a week!  No more leaving work or taking sick days due to my terrible symptoms.  Also, if I was struck with a migraine, I was able to control the pain and symptoms with just Tylenol, instead of expensive prescriptions.  I learned a lot about my body and how to take better care of myself at Pagoda. I would highly recommend acupuncture to anybody who suffers from a chronic condition like migraines.  Heather is a very gentle, caring acupuncturist and the atmosphere at Pagoda is very relaxing and therapeutic.  So relaxing, that I have honestly fallen asleep while undergoing a session!  My life has changed for the better thanks to Pagoda!” – Kristin, Babylon

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